Friday, January 4, 2013

Also I have no idea how to make ribs

So now I needed to tell my husband, Cody. Ever since I was a kid I envisioned telling my husband that I was pregnant with a baby themed dinner a la Full House. Baby back ribs, baby shrimp, baby potatoes, baby corn. But I did not have time to make an amazing baby themed dinner. I needed to tell him quick.

 So I went into the kitchen to find my dear husband making us some Mac n Cheese. I needed to get him out of the kitchen in order to execute my idea. I told him that he could go change into some comfy clothes and I would finish dinner. Like the sweetheart he is, he insisted that he could make it or at least stay and help. I insisted that he at least go take off his shoes. Finally he left and said that he would be back to help. I had to act fast.

I ran to the office and searched like a maniac for a blank piece of paper. None on the desk, it must be in a drawer. The drawer that has this weird antique locking device and it locks up whenever it feels like it. You have to use hulk strength to get it open whenever it does this. However, being the mama bear that I am now, I must use my super pregnancy strength! That drawer didn't stand a chance. I grabbed a paper and a sharpie and quickly wrote "Open Me" on it. I grabbed some tape and ran back to the kitchen. I taped the paper to the oven, found a hamburger bun and put it in the oven. Then I casually leaned against the sink just in time for Cody to walk in.

After a few seconds Cody noticed the note on the oven. Confused he walked over and opened it. He asked "a little hamburger bun?"  I waited for a moment and asked "There's a little bun in the oven?" He said "Yeah..." He turned around still confused. Then I saw a little hint of understanding register on his face. He smiled and walked toward me and asked "Are you pregnant??" I pulled the positive test from my pocket and showed him. He hugged me and kissed me and then kissed my belly.

The next little while we just sat together in happiness. It was a very very joyous moment and I didn't want it to end. Now the question was "What the heck do we do now?"

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