Monday, January 7, 2013

Roller Coaster Ride

Recently we have been taken for a roller coaster ride by my folks. We live in a home that they own (used to be my grandparents) and we pretty much just take care of the place and pay utilities and help with things like taxes and insurance sometimes. The house next to ours was also my grandparents that they built for my great aunt to live in basically until she died or couldn't live there anymore. Once she is unable to live there, the home goes to me (I know, pretty sweet). Well a year ago the Aunt had a stroke and has been living in an assisted living facility ever since. Her son moved into the house to take care of it. He has been living there for free and he takes care of the yard and whatnot.

About a month ago my father decided that neighbor man should start paying rent to us so that way we could keep living in the home we are in now and saving money for the baby and stuff. So that was the plan, and that is what the neighbor man was told as well. Then a week ago my dad suddenly decided that the house we are in now is too much work and we need to move out. (ah!) So now neighbor man is being kicked out and we have to move in in May. (I am due in June, ah!)

Though it is AWESOME that I have a house and that I get to live in it finally, it is a huge amount to figure out and not that great of timing. The house is much smaller so we will be downsizing a lot of our stuff. The house smells like smoke really bad and the carpets need to be replaced. Painting needs to be done and the light fixtures and window treatments really need to be replaced. And did I mention it's kind of tiny? Figuring all of this out is just... stressful! I was planning the nursery in our current house and really looking forward to the extra income, and everything has been flipped upside down. I sound completely ungrateful, I know. I realize that. I totally understand my dad wanting to get rid of the money pit we live in now. And I want to take that burden away from him and also get out of being dependent on him (living in his house, etc). It's just too bad that we got our hopes up about it being one way, and now we have to give it up at such a bad time.

And then there's Cody's woodshop. That is a whole other problem in itself.


I just need to look at the positive and think of all the amazing things we have to be grateful for (which is a lot!). Sorry for the pity party I just threw. But that is what is going on at the moment.

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