Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Happenings

This weekend went differently than planned. Since we are moving to a smaller place, we need to downsize our stuff. I was planning on taking said stuff to a consignment place that is usually really easy and not picky on what they take. That was the plan for this weekend. Luckily before we hauled the stuff to the store, I called them to make sure they still accepted furniture.

They do not. Oh.

So now I am thinking we will have a yard sale. We are going to revamp some old stuff and make it awesome. Plus I am selling my not so old stuff that I just don't have room for anymore. So basically, if you like awesome stuff, you should probably come on down!

And now I get to plan a yard sale! Yaaay. My most recent experience with yard sales was not so great (hellacious). So I am a little nervous about it!

We are also trying to sell the old Buick. Which is going slooowly. I need that thing out of my life.

On Saturday we were laying in bed watching TV and the baby started kicking a lot. I had been trying to get Cody to feel it but thus far he had not been able to. But I paused the TV, grabbed his hand and pressed it down on my belly and we waited quietly. He couldn't feel anything at first, but then Baby did a really strong kick and he finally felt it! I was so excited. Cody was nervous about it because he anticipated that he would be freaked out, but he did not freak out. He felt a few kicks. It was beautiful. I think I even saw my belly move a bit, I can't wait until I can really see feet and stuff moving around!

Baby boy has been really active lately and I love to just sit and feel him. When I am really bored I try to concentrate on feeling the kicks for entertainment purposes, but he doesn't kick on command, so much. :)

On Sunday we were finally released from our Primary calling (HALLELUJAH). We just got the new class for this year and let's just say I was dreading church for a while. They were... challenging.

So we are free! (for now) I am a little concerned because the 2nd counselor told Cody repeatedly to not get comfortable. Eeek!

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