Friday, January 11, 2013

Nursery Inspirations

My inspiration for planning my baby boy's nursery is a little complicated. I am kind of going for a vintage Frontier Land type motif. I haven't ever really seen a nursery with the things I am trying to find, so unlike a woodland or a nautical theme where those types of decorations are easy to find, vintage cowboys, Indians, tom sawyer, and all the other craziness in my head is harder to make a reality because I barely know what I am talking about, myself. But. Below are some things that illustrate my inspirations for the room.

1. and 2. Vintage Disneyland Posters found online. 3. Arrow Painting by Lisa. 4. Arrow Set by FletcherandFox. 5. Davey Crockett Coon-Skin Crochet Cap. 6. Cowboys and Indians Wall Decal by belleandboo. 7. Illustration by Dadu Shin. 8. Tree Stump Seat and Woodgrain Lamp from Land of Nod. 9. Camper Play Set by TweetToys.

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