Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stupid monkey crap...

Lately I think to myself:

Do I need a baby mop romper?!?


How about one of these? Is this something I might use?

Yesterday I registered for baby stuff. (fun!) I thought that the only decision I would really struggle with was the stroller. Or travel system. Whatever. So many decisions with what to choose. But now I realize that there are so many decisions to make that I already thought I made! Organic mattresses? Gliding or rocking swing? Vibrating bouncy seats?! Different sizes of NIPPLES?!! Everything has monkey's on it and I hate monkeys! (I love monkeys, just not on baby crap).

But I am working my way through these monumental decisions and trying my best to weed out the jungle animal and teddy bear themed junk. And reading sooo many reviews. I read reviews when I purchase stuff. And now I am picking out a LOT of stuff and that involves a lot of reviews.

Picking out this stuff is a little overwhelming, especially since I have never had a baby and I have no clue what they like and need. Something I'm sure a lot of new moms go through, I know. Unless you are the chill mom who doesn't really care. Lucky you.

Anyway, if anyone wants to tell me their opinion on what the heck kind of baby baths  I should look at (do I need two? Newborn and older baby?), be my guest!

Lately I have been letting myself get overwhelmed with 1.) All the things I need to get done and 2.) The thought of the hospital and everything that goes along with giving birth. I never thought I would get to that point of getting nervous about birth because I thought I was already mentally prepared. But then the reality of more than a dozen people up in my business or shall we say "bidness" gets more real the closer it gets. And the horror stories of the poop and the episiotomies and the blood for weeks. Oh my. I knew all of this, but now "all of this" is getting nearer.

I just need to take my mother's advice and take it one day at a time. I just need to get some things checked off my list and lift some of this weight off my shoulders. Mostly I am excited. I promise. I can't wait to see the face of my baby and meet him and get to know him!

When looking for stupid inventions for babies, some pretty dumb inventions came up for grown-ups, too:

Just what I need!


Katie said...

Hahahahaha! This makes me crack up, and sneeze. JK, but I hope I didn't freak you out with my hospital stories. You are going to be fine. :)

Elisa said...

Gina B, I forgot to tell you I also already have two baby baths for you: One for little tiny baby and one for when he gets bigger and can sit by himself. Don't register for them: They are practically brand new and blue for boys.

Randi Gardner said...

lol! I love your writing! I just bought a cheap baby bath and it worked fine through all ages of needing it. i remember when jude could sit up it was the greatest thing ever because the baby bath situation is so annoying. i kind of want to get a bath that stands alone and is deeper because it was awkward leaning into the regular bath tub with the baby bath in it. I'll show you the two i want and the one i have:

This one is pretty much like mine. Plastic and simple:

I think i want this one but tis super expensive:

And I've seen this one around in blog land a lot but its also expensive but seems super convenient for on the go:

Anyway I completely relate. It's a lot to think about. As far as labor goes, the one day at a time advice is great advice. you will surprise yourself and be amazing but thinking about it can be quite terrifying. i always just thought: If 16 year olds can do it, so can i. ha. And really, it is such a fun experience!
I think its just the unknown thing that makes it the most nerve racking... theres no way t =o know what to expect until you've done it. Thats why I'm opting for an epidural again - because i want to have my experience be what I know. :)
Anyway this is just so fun for me to have you be pregnant! I love sharing it with you! Yay!