Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Music for Baby


The other day I pulled a bunch of songs from my iTunes and created an iTunes list just for baby. I have an old iPod mini that I will use for his nursery and it is blue, so just perfect for baby boy! I included lots of lullaby type songs including Rockabye Baby (with Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles) and Lullatone albums as well as the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack with Karen O (I didn't like the movie but I love Karen O!).

I love lullatone! I purchased a couple of albums a while ago because I knew I would want them for my baby and at the time they were giving the proceeds to the Japan earthquake relief. (The lullatone people are actually a cute couple who live in Japan, who by the way are so nice and generous! They emailed me right back when I ordered and said that I ordered right on time as he was about to go to the post office). The music includes all kinds of dreamy calming sounds for baby like the xylophone, ukulele, ambient white noise, underwater recordings, and heartbeats. I have the albums Looping Lullabies and Songs that Spin in Circles. I love them both and I hope my junebug loves them too.

I also added lots of other songs from bands that I will "encourage" baby to like and some pop songs that I know he will want to get jiggy to. As well as fun educational type things like Yo Gabba Gabba, School House Rock, and some They Might be Giants albums that make my sister say that my kids are going to be "special." Hello! Of course they will be special. Super-awesome-weird-but-cool type special!

Can't wait until I know he can hear and I can play music for him to listen to in utero style. :) I have already started humming songs to him but I feel a little silly since I am not sure he even has ears yet. 

Lullatone 2

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