Thursday, January 17, 2013

Anatomy Scan

Today I was nervous. Actually, this week I have been nervous. So far when we go to the doctors appointments, everything is normal and fine. But the anatomy scan seemed like a big deal, and I was worrying. 

But we went in and everything looks good! I was relieved to find out that our baby is doing well and is still a boy (I had to make sure!) He is measuring a week ahead and has a biggish head. (yaaaay, so happy about that information) We got lots of little pictures of hands and legs and feet and faces. He was doing lots of kicking and fidgeting with his hands. 

It was so cool to see his spine and heart and everything. I did find out that the placenta is in the front, therefor I have a harder time feeling the baby move. This is something I suspected but I was hoping it wasn't the case. I want to feel that baby!

So now I can relax. Phew! So far so good.

Tiny Foot

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